THE Online Business Community Exclusively For Women Over 40 – Taking You To The Next Level

A vibrant group packed with accountability, encouragement, support and business trainings, for women who dare to dream bigger.



Are you worried you don’t have a pension and want to create a viable income for your future security?



You’ve been stuck in the same career for decades, or maybe you’ve lost your job, and want to start something new?


You are ready to change your life and want to join a community of like minded women with help, support and business training where you won’t feel judged?


Have your children flown the nest, or will be soon and now it’s YOUR time to SHINE and turn your passion from a hobby into a sustainable business but not sure where to start?


You have an existing business but are working long hours for little money and don’t know how to upscale and make it work?


You want to add additional passive/semi passive income streams into your life so you can stop trading time for money so you can do the things you want to?

If you can relate to any of these statements then The WOWS Hub, an exclusive, inspirational business membership for women over 40 is perfect for you.



Private Facebook Group

A brilliant online community of courageous women full of help, support and accountability. A group where you cheer each other on, revel in each other’s wins and lift each other up when you are down.

A group where you will gain lots of confidence, never feel judged and can grow at your own make lots of friends too.


Live Coaching Sessions

2 x a month there are live coaching sessions to keep you accountable and motivated. We set goals and actions to keep you moving forward and excited about your future.


Monthly Challenge

Once a month the whole community is set a challenge. There are always prizes for 2 winning members each month, it gets the whole group of brilliant women interacting and engaging with each other.


Live Training Sessions By Expert Guest Coaches

Each month there is a live training session by expert coaches. This is your chance to be taught live by industry experts on a wide variety of business subjects and skills. You can ask questions and obtain the information you need to tailor what you learn for your own business for success.


Resident Coaches

There are 4 x amazing resident coaches on demand in the group to help you.  Once a month each coach gives a Live Monday Motivation to get your week off to a fantastic start.  Their areas of expertise are Mindset, Health and Wellbeing, Tech and Accounting. Everything you need


Positive Mindset

Whether you're just thinking of starting a business or a few years in, imposter syndrome and worry about whether anyone will buy from you, overwhelm and procrastination are never far away. That is why the support, accountability, live coaching and community are so important to keep your mindset positive to keep taking action and turn those negative thoughts around.


 Members Online Area -Training Video Library

There is a huge library of training videos by amazing coaches like Lisa Johnson.  The subjects vary from how to do a business plan to social media, setting up an email sequence, to mindset coaching and everything in between.  Whatever training you need, you will find it in the Members area.


Members Area - Work Books and Resources

Many training videos have workbooks so you can implement what you have been taught. There are also a wide range of resources with information to support your business so you don’t have to spend hours researching stuff yourself and use the time to work on your business the way you want to.

Hi, I’m Moira,


Founder of the WOWS Hub, an exclusive, online business membership for women over 40.


I am passionate about helping women change life, midlife, find their inner confidence, become brilliant businesswomen and create financial security for their future.


I TOTALLY BELIEVE women over 40 can become successful with the help, support, accountability and business training they need to keep them achieving, motivated and stop feeling overwhelmed.


My mission is to provide the most amazing community of women where you will be empowered to create a new life of success, abundance and wealth - we will help you step onto a new path and make your way, one step at a time, into your new fantastic life.


Don’t settle for an average life because you deserve amazing!


Moira x




“I joined the Membership for one month in October feeling unsure if I would stay for a 2nd month. However I gladly paid the 2nd month. I have watched several encouraging presentations exclusive to the Business Begins at 45 site and taken part in goal setting days and question and answer sessions.


Moira has offered me so much encouragement in the moments when I felt like I was overwhelmed by trying to attract new clients whilst looking after the clients I already have.


A stand out moment for me was when I reported back to the group, Moira said ‘well done’ in such an encouraging way that I felt 10 feet tall! She concentrated on what I HAD done rather than what I hadn’t. She also rightly pointed out that I had done a lot more than if I hadn’t set the goal and would complete the rest of my goals very soon. I would encourage you to give the  membership a try and I suspect before you know it you will be gladly be paying for your second month."


- Rachel Hunter,

"I am so glad to be part of Moira's Membership Group. As a sole trader I'm very busy but I dip in and out of the Group as time permits so I can tailor my commitment to suit my workflow which is very useful. The Action days are very worthwhile and even if I don't have time to take part it makes me stop and think about the direction I currently need to be working in and I always try to make the midday Zoom meetings to meet up with fellow members and Moira.


In short this Group makes me feel like I'm not the only one struggling with learning how to grow my business and the best bit is none of us take ourselves too seriously which means it is a fun process but with serious intent. We all celebrate each others successes and I can't wait to see what we all achieve in the next twelve months."


- Rachel Mullet, Pembrokeshire Moments





Provides you with the most supportive and safe community on the internet with like-minded women exclusively over 40.


Somewhere you can learn and grow at your own pace and never feel judged.


Be encouraged, supported and held accountable.


Help you keep a positive mindset and grow in confidence.


Learn how to use tech rather than be scared and confused by it.


Set goals effectively so you reach them and keep moving forward.


Learn new business skills by leading guest experts in their field.


And so much more!




"I joined Moira’s membership group back in September and have found it fantastically helpful. The content is superb with lots of guest speakers and masterclasses on a wide range of subjects.

I’ve taken part in two action days and found them extremely enjoyable as well as being productive.


The overall community feel is brilliant with lots of support from other members as well as Moira herself. It’s really helping and giving me the confidence to move my business forward and I’d highly recommend it.


Excellent value for money and a worthwhile investment."


- Paula Garrard

"I joined Moira’s membership and have not been disappointed. The training videos and resources are brilliant! There had been some amazing guest speakers which I have found really helpful and inspiring.


Thankyou moira"


- Nicola Amos











Frequently asked questions

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